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New Guide to Hadrian’s Wall Path by Mark Richards

What does the Hadrian’s Wall Path have in common with the Dales Way? Well quite a lot actually. At 84 miles or 135 km it is almost the same distance, it has a strong theme, is easy walking for even less experienced walkers, is very popular and is very well served by public transport, most notably the excellent AD122 Hadrian’s Wall Bus (Easter- October) and the nearby Tyne Valley Railway line.

Hadrian guide

Mark is one of Britain’s most experienced guidebook writers, having cut his teeth way back in the 1970s on the Cotswold Way followed by many guide books to the Lakes, Peaks and elsewhere, including that super little guide to linear walks off the 555 bus through the Lakes. He now lives in Gilsland up on Hadrian’s Wall and his new Cicerone Guide Walking Hadrian’s Wall Path is a joy – well researched text, beautifully written, covering every aspect of this World Heritage Site and this relatively new National Trail, (in both directions) with excellent photographs by Roger Clegg and the newly fashionable but practical idea for a separate booklet of 1:25,000 maps, which allows the walker to keep the main guidebook in a rucksack pocket when it rains – though you need a map case to keep the map booklet dry.

It’s also fully public transport literate with detailed information of how to get to, from and along the route without using two cars, and in summer months at least even to do the Trail in day stages including useful link paths to rail stations and bus stops, plus addresses of accommodation – though these can change. There’s even a 35½ mile route extension available to the west on Hadrian’s Coast – also rich in history – between Maryport and Bowness on Solway.

So, a perfect long-distance route to tackle after you’ve done The Dales Way and The Dales High Way.

Mark Richard’s guide is available in most good bookshops or direct from

Colin Speakman, DWA

Christmas Greetings to all.


P1000521The Harrogate Link January 2010

The Dales Way Association Committee wish all of our members and fellow walkers, the compliments of the Season and good health in 2018.

We wish to thank the Rangers and staff in the National Parks, and the County and Borough Councils for their efforts over the year in improving the Dales Way, and also for their advice, friendship and cooperation.

We also wish to express our appreciation to those folk who have provided food and shelter in various forms for the travellers: usually tired, sometimes sunburnt, maybe cold and wet and at times with the odd blister. You may not always get a thank you email or letter from your guests,  but we know that after the walk, their friends are told of a fantastic journey and the wonderful people they have met along the way. You are wonderful ambassadors for the Dales Way.

Then there are the group of people who have transformed the fashion scene at the above establishments. That may not have been in their original business plan. But now walkers enjoy their social evenings after the days walk, looking and feeling “good,” because of the   companies that move mini wardrobes of clothes and accessories, that never, ever, would fit in a back pack. We wish you continued success in 2018, and the gratitude of many individuals.