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The Dales Way Association bi-annual News Letter.

E Newsletter 50 front cover

The Dales Way Association was formed on the 24th October 1991. By the end of the second Committee Meeting in May 1992, the Dales Way Objectives had been agreed, a draft Constitution had been produced, joining fees for members had been set at  £3. Achievement certificates were available and woven badges were being discussed, and a logo needed to be designed and agreed.

It was also decided that a Newsletter should be produced twice per year to be sent out to members. An annual Handbook would also be produced with up to date information about the route, to go out with one of the Newsletters.

Newsletter No 1, two A4 pages with text on all sides, was posted to all members, (13 in total) in July 1992. At the committee meeting on 28th July the Newsletter was described in the minutes as “satisfactory”  and subsequent copies would be titled Spring and Autumn. Issue No 2 was produced with the title Newsletter No 2. Spring 1993 and so it has continued to the present day with Newsletter No 50. Spring 2017. (Click to open)

When you join the Dales Way Association you will receive the E Newsletter in Spring and Autumn. You will also be able to access the Members Page. Here you will find in the archives, copies of the Annual General Meetings and Committee Meeting minutes from 2012, and copies of Newsletters from NL No 38. Autumn 2010, when our reorganisation had to take place. All the above items avilable to download in PDF format.

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Our President, Frank Sanderson, supplied acheivement certificates from his hotel on Brantfell Road before the Dales Way Association was formed and  then continued to do so

David Smith was Membership Secretary and also became News Editor. He produced 32 issues, ill health causing him to retire after issue 32 Spring 2008

Douglas Cossar produced the handbook from the beginning, rested for a couple of years before resuming until Spring 2013 when the Handbook was included into our web site.

All the above were part of the founding group of individuals.