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Cumbria County Council Rangers continue to improve the Dales Way.


This distinctive ladder stile between Burneside and Bowston will be remembered by all who have climbed it. An improvement was suggested by the landowner and CCC following their policy to make the Dales Way more accessible, by replacing stiles with gates, have provided something a bit easier to negotiate. This has been funded by their Rights of Way Improvement Project. (RoWIP)  The new alternative will be appreciated by many of our senior and parents of very young, walkers.


Photographs by Geoff Fewkes. Countryside Access Officer. CCC.


The New Bridge at Birks Mill, Sedbergh has been completed.


Carl Lis, the Chairman of the Yorkshire Dales National Park Authority with local resident Richard Thomas, who uses the bridge daily cutting the tape.

Opening the new bridge at Birks Mill, near Sedbergh, in a ceremony on Wednesday, 30th November, Carl Lis said, “The construction of this wonderful new Birks Mill Bridge has been achieved through great teamwork, both amongst those actually working on site, and those providing material and financial support. It will be a great boon to both the local community  and the many visitors who come to walk in this beautiful part of the National Park.”

The components for the bridge were supplied by Cumbria County Council and it was then constructed by Yorkshire Dales National Park Authority Rangers, Apprentices and Volunteers in a little over two weeks. A new ramp at one end, steps at the other and surfacing of the path at both ends completed the project.

Nick Cotton, the National Park Authority’s Member Champion for Recreational Management, said “The National Park Authority treats the maintenance of the 2600 kms of public rights of way in the Park as a top priority, to ensure the network is kept in the best possible condition for all the walkers, cyclists and horse riders who use it. In that way we are helping to realise the immense potential for outdoor recreation in Yorkshire Dales Nation Park, consistent with the Government’s 8-Point Plan for England’s National Parks

We couldn’t do all this work without the help we get – in terms of finance, materials or volunteer workers – both individuals, businesses or other partnership organisations and we are very grateful to them for their support.”

Donors for the project are mentioned in the previous bridge item below.


Pictures supplied by Yorkshire Dales National Park