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Sprint Road Bridge now closed until further notice. 18th July 2016

As expected Sprint Road Bridge was closed with no prior notice over the week end  and is now firmly sealed off.Sprint Rd Br Closed July 16

Walkers should now continue on the Dales Way along Oakbank Road and when they reach the metal gate at the end of the wall in the field, turn right. Crossing the aqueduct bridge is at their own risk. Cumbria County Council are in touch with  United Utilities to get an agreement to make crossing the bridge legal, for a limited period, whilst the Sprint Road Bridge is closed for repairs.

As you return towards Sprint Road Bridge on the other bank, you can rejoin the Dales Way as you enter the property of Sprint Mill Cottages by taking the step stile on your right then following the footpath to Tenement Farm, Garnett Bridge Road then into Burneside via Hall Road.


This stile is on your right at the top of a slope which goes left downhill.


If you arrive here, retrace your footsteps back to the stile, which will be on your left, at the top of the slope.

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