Sprint Road Bridge

The problems of Sprint Road bridge in relation to Dales Way walkers have now become more complex. During the week commencing 13th June, contractors moved onto the site to prepare hard standing for heavy equipment and cleared trees in the surrounds. We visited the bridge yesterday and  met the man in charge of the operations who was very helpful and informative.


George and Colin Speakman, Chairman of the Dales Way Association on site.

There are no firm dates as to when the operation will commence. When the serious bit starts, the bridge could be closed from 4 to 6 weeks. The twist in the “tale” is that during the preparatory work walkers will be able to cross, but if equipment is working on the bridge George will prevent walkers crossing due to safety concerns. This means that no warning can be given to walkers who arrive at the A6, between now and the complete closure of the bridge, as to whether they can cross it, or not. At the A6 junction walkers will be faced with a choice, take the diversion or take a chance.

See Walkers Letters on our News page.

When more information becomes available we will keep you informed.                                                    


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