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Confusion at the Diversion

Friday 8th April 2016

A new notice has been posted on Sprint Road Bridge. It is now closed to all traffic which includes pedestrians and [dismounted] cyclists. The bridge is, as below, and there is no obstruction to walkers, [yet] who cross at their own risk. The bridge could be sealed off for safety reasons or to begin the repairs at any time without prior notice. See below for alternative ways to Burneside.

SprRd Br Feb

.   See below and the Home page for up to date information.

The Barriers come down

As the saying goes, what goes up, must come down, unless it is a bridge. The barriers in question were erected to guard and guide walkers past the collapsed Dales Way footpath at Briggflatts. We have been told today that the footpath has been repaired and the short diversion has been removed, and the field restored and handed back to the landowner.

The Dales Way Association wish to thank YDNPA Rangers and volunteers who have enabled the Dales Way to be back to normal in such a short time.

Burneside. Gurnal Bridge diversions.

Sprint Mill bridge is still closed. The paper work has been done but the building program is uncertain.

I have walked the 2 Gurnal Bridge alternatives.There is a verge on the A6 on the way North, 50 meters to the footpath on the left that leads to Gurnal Bridge. It is a pleasant, well marked route. The traffic on the Garnett Bridge road has now reduced, as motorists have found better alternatives to complete their journey. Caution should still be exercised, especially if you are traveling in a group.Shortly after the bridge it is possible to take a footpath down to Sprint Mill, emerging onto the road west of the road bridge. Look for the finger post, wood stile and gate on the left and head south.

This road route is 1 mile more than the original Dales Way footpath and may take you 20 minutes more than before but much better than the up to 2 hour detour via Kendal.

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