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Cumbria County Council continues the Dales Way footpath improvements.

In addition to their 3 year improvement plan, CCC Rangers respond to our reports of broken gates, stiles etc and suggestions for improvements along the footpath. Below are recent examples. I am specially pleased with the extra step at the stone step stile. Before, it was a 24 inch drop.[60cms]

Point C before


Point C after


The location is in the Lakethwait Farm area, 3/4 of a mile, West of Beck Foot.


Point A before


Point A after




Point B before


Point B after




Thursgill 1 before Thursgill 1 after Thursgill 2 beforeThursgill 2 after

Cumbria County Council, led by Geoff Fewkes, Countryside Ranger, continues its 3 year plan to improve the Dales Way footpath. It has now replaced 2 stiles nearing their end, with 2 new gates, much safer and user friendly. The new gates are above Thrushgill Beck heading for Patton Bridge. The Dales Way Association appreciates the progress being made.

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New Gates on the Dales Way footpath.


Last year at the request of the Dales Way Association, Rangers from Bradford Metropolitan Council set about renewing the poor quality set of gates leading across the fields after Ilkley Tennis Club. This project has now been completed making the start of the Dales Way more welcome to walkers. See the results below:

The Dales Way Association would like to express their thanks to all of those involved in this project.