Paths improved through Bolton Abbey Estate

Footpaths through the Bolton Abbey Estate have been improved over the winter months, particularly the high level paths between the Priory and Pickles Beck. This section of the Dales Way is a permissive path.

ImageAn interesting experiment is entering its second year along the riverside public footpath between Pickles Beck and the Cavendish Pavilion. A sign dated 1st February 2013 reads: “It has become impracticable to use this field for agricultural purposes because cattle, visitors and dogs do not mix well. Therefore the field will be left as it is to see what would happen if farming were to decrease or even disappear from the Dales and it will be useful to hear of your reaction to what you see over the coming two years.”

There has also been resurfacing work on the section between the Cavendish Pavilion and the Strid, with both high level and low level routes available. These too are permissive paths, courtesy of the Estate.

This whole section makes for a delightful and easy walk, even in the midst of winter, and is an early highlight of the Dales Way.

See the Bolton Abbey Estate website here.


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